Focus Group @ El Camino Community College: Inviting all alumni

Hey everybody, I'm glad to see so many people contribute to the blog site and I just wanted to let everybody know that PTSP will be holding a focus group/open discussion forum at El Camino Community College on March 4 from 5-7. It will be held at the student services center, Room 106-Counseling Division Conference Room. Basically, it will just give us a chance to have transfers speak out their concerns about transferring to a four-year university. PTSP members will share their experiences on what's it like to be in a University. I want to extend the event to all the alumnis so that they can share their post grad experience as well. Let me know if you can come out and support. O, and there will be free food (hopefully Filipino food!)

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Brian J. Delas Armas said...

Let's pack the hizz-ouse, I'm going to clear my sched now