Research on Pinays

Hello everyone!  This is Chiara again.  I'm starting to build on my dissertation topic and it looks like I'm headed towards studying the vocational choice of 1.5- and 2nd-generation female Filipino American college students.  I'm in the very early stages of my research and am wondering if any of the current UCLA undergrads can suggest a student org meeting, a class, or any event I can sit in on and do a preliminary observation.  I've contacted the Pinays coordinator of Samahang and she's informed me of the collective taking place on Feb. 17.  I'm looking to conduct an observation sooner than 2/17, and I'm unsure of when the various Filipino orgs meet now that I'm no longer on campus.  It doesn't have to be a formal meeting; an Asian Am class would do.  In any case, I'd appreciate any leads you have of events &/or classes.  I can be reached at  Thank you!


Brian J. Delas Armas said...

Is 1.5-generation, immigrant women? Maybe see what the GABNET people on any given campus are up to? Aileen Malsss might know. Wish I knew.

MDevera said...

In addition to the PInays Collective, Sharlyn is also part of the Pinay Frat Kappa Psi Epsilon. Let me know if you need any help!