Jill Biden, Community College Advocate

Apologize in advance if this is already common knowledge, as this stuff is already in her Wikipedia. However, I feel like it should be said.

While watching the Inauguration yesterday on NBC News, the commentators made mention of Second Lady, Jill Biden's career as an academic and her role in this new administration.

Apparently, all she wants to do is continue working at the community college.

This, despite being offered positions at more "prominent, high-profile" universities. Obviously, any rational American logic dictates that she seek the creme-de-la-creme of professorships and tuck herself away in the ivory tower. But not Jill Biden, who sort of looks like the alternate universe version of John McCain's wife.

We should mother-effin' call her G-Biden because she's a G, and I definitely know one when I see one. What she's done is more or less what I'd want to do. I think.

She's had quite a history of plowing through, pushing on with her work, almost regardless of Joe's numerous campaigns for presidency and vice-presidency.

Throughout the time her husband was running for vice president, Jill Biden continued to teach four days a week at Delaware Technical & Community College during the Fall 2008 semester, and then campaigned over the long weekend, while grading class papers on the campaign bus.

And it seems like she remains adamant about keeping it that way, having authored a paper specifically about student retention at the community college. She'd be prime example of instructor retention for the community college.

While she moved to the vice presidential residence in Washington as Second Lady of the United States, she plans to continue teaching at a Washington-area community college. She has been weighing offers from institutions such as Montgomery College, Northern Virginia Community College, and the University of the District of Columbia.

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On a side note, it's amazing how grounded Barack, Michelle, Joe, and Jill have been in their careers and throughout this campaign. From Joe's notorious Amtrak-riding days, Barack and Michelle stepping out of the limo to walk their own parade yesterday, to Jill's dogged insistence at remaining in the community college, I speak for a grip of people who really hope that this is all more than just a fa├žade.

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