Help Support my Lil Sister, a PTSP-bred Designer

My lil sister is a 3rd year environmental engineering student at UC-Riverside. When I was with PTSP, I made her the unofficial designer of all things Bayanihan.

She pimped out our logo.


our myspace.


She also busted the numerous iterations of SENT and SEND Flyers.

She inherited the part of my dad that does graphic arts.

Now she's on to big things. Her high school uses a design she originally made for T-Shirts in their centennial commemoration journals. She won a Chris Brown CD Cover Design contest. Her stuff is on his myspace.

And now, she just entered a UNESCO design competition. The task was to create a poster for International Mother Language Day on February 21st centered in Paris, France.

This is what she came up with.

I wrote the description.

This poster represents a visual interpretation of the quote "A different language is a different vision of life" described by linguists Benjamin Lee Whorf and Edward Sapir, anthropologist Franz Boas, and most popularly attributed to Italian movie director Federico Fellini. The iris represents a satellite view of planet Earth and is looking towards the background. In the background, the quote is translated into various languages spanning the global community: English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, Filipino, Italian, Japanese, Swahili, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Romanian, and Inuit. These languages represent only a portion of the planet which reflects accordingly back on the iris; the iris contains only a partial view of planet Earth. As captured by Linguist K. David Harrison in his work "When Languages Die," "language disappearance is an erosion or extinction of ideas, of ways of knowing and ways of talking about the world and human experience." Acquisition of multiple languages enables an individual to "see the world through another's eyes." The individual is allowed a new in-"sight", a new thought, a new idea into the human condition. Without having this list of languages to look at, the iris would be staring at an empty background.

She's facing a field of 1133 other entries. If you want to help us win, you'll have to do this:

1) Go to this website.
2) Sign up (name and email)
3) Sift thru a dastardly amount of entries (1133) that are brought up in random order, paying attention when you finally do see the poster above and clicking the Green Vote button

Don't expect anyone to sit and do this because that took way too much time even for me, but just saying, just in case.


Andy said...

Hey Brian, I love that Bayanihan Logo. Can you help me make a shirt out of it. Let me know if you're down. Thanks. Later

Brian J. Delas Armas said...

Hey man, that was one of the things that I wanted to do, so definitely, I'll try and get her to do something.