PTSP Alumni Network

Hey everyone, this is Andrew Hambre (08-09 Bayanihan Coordinator). PTSP Board was just talking about the effectiveness of this blogsite and what we wanted to get out of it. After looking at the people who are involved with the site, I thought why not make this site an open space where current PTSP members and alumni's can use to share our experiences in and out of UCLA. As a UCLA student and PTSP board member, I have questions of my future and what I am going to do after college. I don't know if I want to go to graduate school right away and looking for a long term permanent job is also not what I want to do just yet. I would like to hear to stories or experiences from PTSP alums so I can get a general idea or vision of what it's like after college. I would also like to know that there is a space where I can reach out to PTSP and share my experience after college. What do you all think? I believe having the PTSP blog be an alumni network is a good idea. Dom and Brian can you somehow reach other alums and have them join the PTSP Alumni Network blog site?


Brian J. Delas Armas said...

Hey Andrew! Thanks for finally posting...About grad school. Man, as I said in my last post, I've pretty much figured a lot of what I want to do with grad school AFTER school finished. But that's just me. I'm still exploring quite a bit.

Dom said...

hey andrew, thanks for getting the blog back up and running. brian is working real hard to spread the word, and i will be helping him out soon. i been a bit busy this week, but i plan to get on board with the blog.

Andy said...

Thanks Brian and Dom. I am excited about the blog site!