SPEAR Post-Graduate Workshop

To All PTSP Alums,

SPEAR is hosting a Post-Graduate Workshop on Thursday February 12. We are looking for Alumni who are interested in giving advice to students on post-grad options. PTSP Alumni can help in two ways:

1) SPEAR is looking for alumni to come and speak at the workshop, held on Thursday, February 12. More specifically, we are looking for at least one alum who have experience under the following fields: nursing, public health, teaching, engineering, pre-health, law, graphics/art design, public policy, entertainment, music, economic/finances/accounting/business, Asian-American related fields. If you are interested in helping us out, you can contact me at education@samahang.org.

2) Here's the link to a PostGrad survey.  SPEAR is trying to gauge where Alum from various years are, and how they can help prepare today's undergraduates for a more secure future, esp. with the economic crisis.  If you have a few minutes, please fill it out. It's fun!
Click here.

Thank you.

Mike de Vera,
Academics Coordinator, PTSP

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Brian J. Delas Armas said...

It's a somewhat thorough survey, but at most took me 2 mins. I love your usage of the web 2.0.